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Addicted to food?

Are you addicted to food?

If this caught your attention then firstly, I’m sorry you are struggling. It’s not your fault, no addiction is ever your fault. An addict myself, I can pile on fat in weeks if I allow my sugar craving to spiral out of control.

The food industry, in my opinion is corrupt. Health advice is also massively out of date.

When the health guidelines were stipulated back in the 70s, cereal companies realised that their product was crap but had such a huge profit margin so rather than own up that it’s really not fit for human consumption, they added “healthy” things to it. They also targeted their marketing at children and women who wanted to be slimmer; Special K, Coco pops etc etc, all fortified with more vitamins and also sadly promising to help you become slimmer. I’m sure it doesn’t take long to remember the SpecialK tagline back then?... “can you pinch more than an inch?” and who remembers what Tony the Tiger said about how the sugar laden Frosties would make you feel? Dessert for breakfast anyone?

Decades later, here we are. A nation far more obese than ever, and how I see it; addicts that aren’t getting the help they deserve and being totally confused about what is right or wrong, and yo yoing. What’s even sadder is childhood obesity is an epidemic. Hindsight is a wonderful thing. Childhood obesity didn’t exist.

I don’t need to go into the perils of obesity. But surely if this whole Covid thing has highlighted something, it’s this; we are a nation with an obesity epidemic, and the UK has the highest death toll from Covid (as reported in The Independent in Jan ’21).

There has been zero rush in addressing the ‘chronic disease pandemic’? This public health crisis has been going on without any panic? The rise of type 2 diabetes, some cancers and other DIET RELATED disease is simply treated rather than addressing the food system and peoples addiction to unhealthy food. Which I repeat, is not your fault!

Do people really understand what they’re consuming?

I personally believe there is only one or two good isles in a supermarket…. Fruit and vegetables, oh and the oil and seasoning isles.

Millied flour. Sugar (I personally put all syrups in this category, the best sweetener in my opinion is good old dates) Starches like potatoes will also spike your sugar levels. Mass produced chemically laden meats, and fish full of harmful metals.

But hey it’s on the shelves so how can I harm me? The saddest thing, is that people who have an issue with being fat, only have to go into a supermarket to get the neural pathways in their brain to really reinforce that low fat is better and fat is bad for us.

There was also a surge of LOW FAT labels everywhere.

The problem is; a low fat diet, will cause these symptoms:

- Dry, itchy, scaly skin

- Hair thinning or loss

- Achy joints

- Hormonal issues

- Dry eyes

- Brain fog

- and lots more.....

Fats don’t make you fat, its sugar that is the culprit. Highly addictive but there is a way out.

Solution: add more nuts, avocados, healthy oils to your food. Stay away from packaged food. My favourite oil is avocado oil, I also use this on my skin.

Add avocado and nuts to your smoothies.

Rid yourself of sugar for one month to reduce your sugar cravings. If it spirals again, do it for another month. Your taste will change and you’ll no longer enjoy overly sweet foods.

Follow me on Instagram and facebook, I often share my recipes here.

Read the rest of this piece via my website.

So where to start?

Whole foods. Limit anything in a package. Fill up on rainbow foods. Learning to prepare delicious plant based food. Make exercise fun.

Educate yourself. We are so lucky at the information at our fingertips.

My favourite thing to do, is walk or run, with a great informative podcast/audible on the go.

The government are not going to advise you!!, they’ve already okayed the shit written on packets! They won’t be overturning the food system anytime soon.

Geek up.

My latest favourites are Mark Hyman, Mark Bittman. Good science.

Follow Spicymills on Instagram. Lovely plant based recipes there.

Above is a delicious, beetroot, apple and cashew nut smoothie. So nutritious.

Be kind to yourself.

Little steps my friends.

Kindest Smiles


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