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Are you ready to plunge into yoga?

Updated: May 5, 2020

Its likely you're coming up with many excuses that really do feel valid. The most common point people tend to make with a glass of wine in their hand at a gathering... is to show me that they can't touch their toes and that they wouldn't be any good at it.

Firstly, I don't give a flying flapjack how flexible you are. After all these years of teaching and working with bodies, to be frank; the over flexible can also translate to harder to teach as 1/ the ego takes over (don't get me started on the BS of the instagram contortionists) 2/ there is a lack of foundation and engagement we need in the muscles that keep us functional. 3/ the risk of injury is high. A mighty oak is easier to guide with patience and repetition than a wispy willow who reacts to the slightest breeze.

The other point; I won't be good at it. Since when were you good at anything you hadn't tried yet?

With the right teacher who sees you for you, not the numbers and pound signs... a teacher that meets you exactly where you are in that moment, right now... who has had their own suffering and made their own mistakes and has seen and felt MANY diverse variations of human beings and myriad body/mind types, a teacher who dropped their ego along time ago. This is the teacher you plunge with....

This is me. I've got you and ready when you are, you beautiful human being. Let's start being rather than doing. Come and be yoga with me, and for goodness sake let's have a giggle why we do it.

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