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BWRT® is magic!

This client made my day when she sent this message to me!

"I've never been one for centre stage, always happy behind the scenes and on the sidelines. But lockdown has bought opportunities that were too good to say no to.....however these meant giving presentations to fairly large amounts of people, something I would usually shy away from.

I thought I could wing it, but realised the nerves were seriously kicking in. So I reached out for help from Linzi to try some BWRT and see if it helped me pull back a bit of control over the butterflies.

Not only did I boss the main event, at the next public speaking opportunity - being part of a panel of experts for a live webinar - I hardly felt any nerves at all....I will even go so far as to say I almost enjoyed it!

So a huge thank you to Linzi and her BWRT magic....let's see where I go next!"

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