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Contracts and Energy

When you sign up for something, you make an agreement with yourself. Corporate gyms or any tied in contracts really rely on humans good intentions. I also think it cashes in on self sabotage. It can take a long time to have integrity regarding fitness and health. The health and well-being industry is saturated with identical marketing strategies without looking at neural pathways and the impact these contracts have on the client and the employees. It can become a negative rather than a positive in life. When the agreement is too long with an unrealistic cancellation procedure you can really see how negative this can be. Eating you up and affecting your mental health, telling yourself you’re crap, and adding it to one more thing you can’t trust yourself to do, complete, maintain. Completing a cancellation period when you don't want to be there and conversely the teacher also knows you're there reluctantly is a recipe for bad woo woo. Bear with me. It’s my belief that this can energetically damage the integrity of the teacher, trainer, coach. If their heart isn’t in it, this can then be projected into the client. I’ve worked for big corporations, the expectation from these clients and managers was huge, the perils and pitfalls of negatively charged money. Feeling bookended into something, feels like it is totally missing the point. Where is the health? where is the wellbeing? Surely the best company is chosen company rather than "I have to be here" - I wonder if this comes from school conditioning. This is also why diets don’t work long term, but diet culture is massive. Cash hungry companies and their misaligned intentions. People are hard enough on themselves as it is without absorbing these toxic threads. Habits, habits, habits. Choice, choice choice. So what can we do on a personal level? BWRT® can interrupt the patterns effectively, because our habits come from past limiting beliefs. Choices need to be ours and solely ours for effectiveness. So if you are one of those people who has got into a habit of making excuses for yourself and others, I know, they feel so valid at the time, then read this. How to interrupt self sabotage behaviour - My Super 7. 1/ Identify the pattern and notice the common theme. Self enquiry is key. 2/ Search for the earliest memory that this feeling was evoked. Maybe a sense of financial lack. Or growing up around addiction or unhealthy attachments, people pleasers are prime targets for contracts. 3/ Work through it-Book BWRT®, life coaching, personal training, or buddy up for accountability, the Reset is also a great place to start. 4/ Don't be hard on yourself. Habits take time to build, but also don’t take any shit from the self sabotage. Note the company you keep, energy is energy. Like attracts like. 5/ Know where you might trip up and IF you do, don’t throw it all away, simply notice and assess where it went Pete Tong. 6/ Count from 5 down to 1, like a rocket launch, this is a great Mel Robbins hack. Get her book on audible. This is neural pathway work. 7/ Fail to prepare, prepare to fail. Prepare the night before, envisage yourself doing it, this is why BWRT® works so well. We plant a future memory, and reinforce it into what feels like reality into the mind. You totally deserve to live a life free from trauma echo. (Nobody escapes childhood without some kind of trauma) and doing things that bring you JOY is key!!! real joy!

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