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Thriving from Fasting

Following on from my last piece of writing, I want to draw attention to the benefits of fasting. In the wake of Gwyneth Paltrow getting some negativity in the media specifically from the NHS. I could have a mini rant here, but I’ll reign it in. If the government cared as much about peoples habits, their diets, their addictions, there would have been billboards everywhere about the obesity epidemic in this country. But no, the food industry needs the wonga and the country is just getting fatter, and its not their fault. Miseducation regarding sugar primarily has and is causing this issue.

It takes a few days for the body to be free of the physical addiction to sugar. When I refer to sugar I’m also referring to starches such as bread, pasta, white rice, potatoes; refined carbs, and other chemical shit storms you will find in a packet. I have a lot of clients who claim to not have a ‘sweet tooth’ but admit to being addicted to bread. Refined carbs are all the same, and just because your mouth doesn’t like sweet things, it doesn’t mean your body knows the difference. Interestingly some people don’t realise they’re actually craving sugars, when they think they want a glass of wine or a beer. Once the sugar addiction is addressed their alcohol intake tends to reduce. Win win.

The more processed your food is, the more ‘dead’ it is. What it has needed to be made more palatable for consumption, is artificial flavours, chemicals, preservatives. In turn your body and mind have to process all of this too.

This creates a toxic environment and then unfortunately we feel compelled and sometimes advised to add more to this ‘bucket’ to heal and fix it. Such as supplements or even herbs. You’re body can heal itself; when CLEAR.

When you’re toxic you’re not thriving. Your colon will be congested, your liver will be overwhelmed. Your whole system will not be functioning adequately, this will tend to show up as (this is a very reduced list)

  • IBS (irritable bowel syndrome)

  • Eczema, psoriasis other skin issues

  • Hormonal issues; PMT, fatgue, brain fog.

Mood swings are a major factor. Goes without saying but when we’re on an even keel we feel so much more capable.

Stop looking outside of yourself for healing, get clear first and your body will talk to you about what it needs in its most natural form.

Pure life force working through you is the height of wellness.

Food is medicine, but most people are overdosing, and have been most of their lives. I believe we have been programmed to eat in a certain, and in my opinion, unnatural way. And the things we are eating are not simple enough. We’ve become so disconnected from nature, and its just so easy to get back. Chomp on more greens and fruits, once you are CLEAR.

This is how fasting can help.

If you are interested in what fasting can do for you, do some research. Find a system that works for you. Life can take on a natural, sublime sweetness if we fast consciously on a regular basis.

Above anything you’ll realise very quickly how emotional eating is impeding you feeling your absolute best. And also the other side, that going too far with restricting is also unnatural and the health issues that can arise there. We are aiming to be as nourished as possible. Malnutrition is not the goal.

With fasting, you will be way out of your comfort zone for a while.

Remember you fast when you’re asleep, so the panic you might feel, will pass. A good tip is to just allow the wave of ‘hunger’ to wash through you, have some water, within 20 minutes the wave will pass. It gets easier.

The main thing for me is, that I learned to trust myself.

This works for me;

I fast from Sunday night until Tuesday morning.

Remember to break a fast with only fruit.

I also have some early morning rituals, that I will share with you next week.

All the good habits assist the other intentions in my life. You have to find your own groove.

Kindest Smiles


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