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Updated: Dec 15, 2022

It’s been 2 1/2 weeks off social media, 18 days.. which probably amounts to; if it’s true that most spend up to 3 hours a day on it, FIFTY FOUR HOURS. FIFTY FOUR HOURS! OF PEACE. Back in my life, back in my nervous system, back in my confidence. Void of subliminal comparison, void of envy, void of pretending I’m inspired…. I’ve sought gems of knowledge I want to download into my brain, rather than getting lost in controversial comment threads and perusing photos of people I don’t really know. As I said half a month ago, I want some real connection back in my life, and I’m pleased to say I’m getting it. It’s so easy when you’re self employed to kid yourself that your social media is integral to your business. Don’t get me wrong it does play a part, but easily snowballs into superfluous time draining.

I’ve had 3 people ask me how I can do that with a business to run, it was a worry playing out in my own head until I realised I’ve never been so calmly busy and weirdly have had more enquiries in the last 2 weeks than before, all word of mouth. All good friends pointing them towards me and my Reset classes or therapy work. January is fully booked! For 3 months!

Does this mean that word of mouth has a stronger charge behind it in comparison to the blowing of ones own trumpet, social media being self advertised PR? I’ve had training for this in the last year and none of the ‘valuable’ information stuck. I see funnels and they make me feel manipulated.

I see campaigns and it feels like networking, I’m crap at all of that.I’ve had interactions that felt inauthentic eventually and I don’t want to play that game.

I can’t follow those rules any more. It plays into my hustle procrastination. I felt controlled by the ‘big brother’ of it all. I’ve had 3 emails from Instascam/Faceache/Shmeta showing me the people I was missing out on. In its metaphorical form I don’t want to play the contrived game of algorithms, timed posts and merits on the number of followers. It’s like staying in what feels like a dysfunctional family. *cough

It doesn’t mean it is, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t work for most. But I’m germinating things. There are seeds that had to be sown, and words put down for the greater good of the freedom they can inspire. I’m busy in real life, and when I’m not with clients I need peace to write and be with my family and dear friends. My writing is flowing. An editor is on standby and it all feels like serendipitous yumminess.

Energetically I feel spacious. It’s an odd sensation. I feel quiet and I feel more connected to the present moment. My conversations feel more authentic.

I feel like I need way more of this than I initially intended. It feels like a sense of hibernation is occurring. I have buried a seed in the cold soil and if I expose it too early it won’t thrive. So who knows how long I will be off social media. For now its feels like a necessary pause after what I have been navigating through the pandemic years. I’ll emerge once my heart warms back up to it.

In hindsight, the last 3 years, I was a trailblazer through it all and keeping my own head above the water felt so integral to helping others keep their head above it too. At times it definitely saved my own sanity. Service to others, doing the work with them, they’re all floating nicely now, even swimming butterfly stroke! Win win.

I have many women investing in me and I want to look after the ones who got into the life boat with me. I want to nurture those women. I want to wrap them up in blankets, and make them feel safe and nurtured. We got through something immense and the right women will join, not from my advertising but from the special women in their own lives holding out their hands and inviting them into this boat.

We are sailing such rocky seas, not just my menopausal sisters. The hormonal surges need such tender care, but also my heroes slaying their addictions at rehab. As I did.

Many years substance free and now 4.6 years alcohol free. Life has never felt so integral to what I have endured as I help others.

It’s time to get down into nature and moon cycles, grass underfoot and vast mind expanding skies, away from artificial intelligence before we lose how to connect with our own womanly, beautiful wisdom.

What is so interesting cyclically is my last period was devoid of its usual psychological symptoms. I’m adamant that the evil blue light of technology is creating worsening symptoms for menopausal women, and ironically seeking solace in support groups of social media. More on that on another post in the making.

My clients past and present, all got packages in the post this week. This in itself felt effortless and more heartfelt than ever. The Reset is thriving.. my busiest December yet, and international. And… easy.

The Rodina Reset feels like a life raft that has evolved into a ship for all to embark when they are ready. How proud am I of all my effort paying off.

BWRT® and life coaching is fully booked until March 2023.

Here is a brief video explaining a little about how this works…

You can book a consult for free via my website.

Plus January Reset classes are now up and ready to book too.

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