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Got that back to school feeling?

Has anyone got their new pencil case yet?

I love that back to school feeling. The new uniform, the new school year, the feeling of well, NEWNESS!! Especially the new timetable which even now I love as I need structure in my life.

What I've noticed in my industry over the last 21 years is; I am busiest in September and January My aim over the last few years as been to keep these 'resolution' clients and it's worked.


The Rodina Reset WORKS! Its the repetition, the mindset and my sneaky way of injecting a little (A LOT) of subtle affirmations into the psyche. It's become a way of life for lots of women.

This month we kick off on September 6th! may as well start off when the kids start.

Then on Saturday 11th I have my 3rd workshop of the year at Saltwater Studios, 1.5 hours of hands-on tuition with emphasis on space and structure in the body. The next one after this is in October, these can be booked on the website. Vegan treats complimentary.

September 18th brings us a likeminded get together, walk, sit, and general meeting of minds in my annual bring your own snack and maybe lets walk and talk, or sit in the sun, or fingers crossed have a dip. (I'm hoping for a sublime Indian summer) Lets meet; Midday opposite Heene Terrace, so if you're feeling like you want some company this is open to all who know me, past or present clients. There will be a laser show and some naked freestyle improvised dance. (JOKING)

Anyway, I'm writing this from my 3 week sabbatical OFF social media, and I have to say its been very interesting so far. Which I'll share next in my next blog.

Lots of love to you all and I hope you're all well in these difficult times.

Kindest Smiles


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