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Just liking watching a child grow up close. We don’t realise how far we have come until we look back.

Hike up a hill and marvel at how far away the start point is. In reality you’re simply putting one foot in front of the other, and you’re either loving the process or hating it, or even worse projecting doubt into an unknown future, or looking back yearning for lost steps.

We are free.

We are free to choose. I encourage my clients to always choose how they want to transform, just like I encourage my kids to view life. It’s all a choice.

Even family is a choice. If you’re not understood, if you’re not cherished why subject yourself to the projections of others. If communication isn’t available, authenticity isn’t available, it becomes obligation. Obligations tend not to be choices.

It all has to be your choice, and maybe just like those steps forward to beautiful views we forget we have choice.

BWRT® only works because it’s YOU who chooses how you want life to be, NOBODY else can do this for you.

Maybe we have ‘choice’ reconditioned in our school days. I believe there is nothing more empowering than living your life through your own design. We’re a long time dead.

I use BWRT® alongside my coaching to get to the why’s not the how’s. It’s human nature to question the how’s and invariably your self limiting beliefs will put you off it before you have even begun.

Don’t question the cadence of the hill, don’t question the growth, don’t question the process, just find your why and trust the heart shaped arrows you’re firing in that direction.


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