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It’s beautifully human to have habits in life.

The problems that may arise though are if these habits are detrimental to your wellbeing. In steps addiction in its many guises.

A great way to ‘creep around the back’ is to bring positive habits in with intention and purpose. And just like bad habits can creep up, so too can positive habits and in turn your life can become better, because you will feel better, and creates a more capable, less reactive, simply responsive YOU.

Taking back control of your life, these little steps really can pave the way for freedom in mind and body.

Here’s what works for me-

Wake up at 5:45am everyday - no alarm at weekends.

Before I go to bed, I set up my glass of Lemon juice (1 lemon daily)

A teaspoon of coconut oil and a 3 minutes oil pulling. (Google it)

I believe its imperative to clean your mouth before consuming liquids first thing.

I dry body brush my whole body - this gets my lymphatic system going. Great for reducing cellulite, improving skin tone, clears energy.

Spit the oil into the bin, not down the sink.

Onto a quick rather vocal cold shower.

I drink a pint of lemon water topped up with hot water, so its luke warm, and a grind of pink Himalayan salts (electrolytes) Then rinse my mouth with normal filtered water to protect my enamel. (Do not brush your teeth until later)

I’ll also have a decaf coffee with almond milk. (I dropped caffeine last November, massive benefits to my health I’ve noticed)

I’ll put some nuts in a bowl of water to soak, for my smoothie for later, this gives them time to activate which helps digestion.

I teach at 6:30am weekdays and I’m raring to go by the time I’ve done all this.

It used to take discipline but overtime it just part of my routine, like brushing my hair or teeth.

These little rituals have taken years to become part of my day, so I’d advise,

Little steps my friends.

Kindest Smiles

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