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Have you got Windows96 playing in the background?

Is your brain simply repeating really, really, REEEEAAALY (*yawn) old behaviour, even when you know you deserve more.

I hear this all the time from my clients. I totally empathise, I've been there myself. It's so frustrating.

With all the good intentions, new starts, determination, positive mindset, we sometimes find ourselves repeating old patterns. Its enough to drive you crazy!

Let me let you into a secret. Most behaviour that we can't abide in ourselves has been there for a very long time. And it has stayed there for good reason, to keep you safe, whether its good for your health or not. Imagine the crevices a river can make in the ground through repeated erosion. This is very similar to the neural pathways in our brain. We become triggered, we start something new and our brain will strive to find something similar to direct our actions. Our mind is programmed to be wary of change. Some of us can adapt to change easier than others. This is why we must, as we age, try new things, but invariably we don't out of myriad fears... not being good enough, looking silly, finding it too hard, fearing unfamiliarity.. I could go on and on.


The key to success is tenacity and consistently showing up. Otherwise, in my opinion you are teaching yourself to not trust yourself to get to where you want to be health wise.

I can help you break through these barriers.

BWRT® is fantastic for smashing limiting beliefs,

Or maybe a course of coaching would serve you too?

The Total Reset now incorporates a FREE 30 minute coaching session.

I love those moments with my clients when the penny drops!

If the mountain seems to big... just start with the first step.

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