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How are your feet? head, shoulders. knees and toes?


We use weights now on the Morning Reset.

You might be saying how can weights be used in yoga???

As the Morning Reset has evolved and with all the behind the scenes training that I do, I realised that I would be doing my clients a disservice if I didn't bring hand weights & kettle bells  into the Reset, we had been using own body weight for a while, but in my opinion this doesn't cut it where building stability is concerned.

We use them predominantly on Mondays and Tuesdays, hitting upper body on Mondays and lower body on Tuesdays. 

Why do we do this? Because I want you to feel the phasic (lazy af)  muscles in action when certain yoga sequences tend to switch them off.

The results speak for themselves. I know my sh** and I continue to stay up to date with what I am teaching.

There is more… The difference is ..

I am obsessed with what your feet are doing!  After developing a tumour in my foot from (I could go on for 10 pages about why this happened, but basically misalignment and uneducated cues from the fitness and yoga ‘specialists’ I've worked with/from over the years, and don't get me started on the emotional, somatic stuff)

I'm humble enough to admit that I parroted certain cues that I wouldn't dream of teaching now! and each year I learn more and adapt more. I'm currently studying with the brilliant Gary Ward and his system has made me virtually pain free, able to avoid surgery and even better; more knowledgable. The feedback from current clients is brilliant.

If you are being trained/taught by somebody that isn't passionate about anatomy and physiology I suggest you spend your money elsewhere. If we are teaching people how to move and aren't clued up, it's like taking your car to a carwash for a service. Might make it look good from the outside, but like me, you might get to 50+ and things will, I promise you start going wrong, and if your mobility is affected, your whole life is affected. Your shoulder issue could be coming from your FEET and your gait (how you move)

Back to the car analogy too… a brand new car will run for a while perfectly without problems even if the tracking is off, but an old car won't. No idea why I'm using car imagery here, I'm not a petrol head in the slightest! 


Anyway, come and try the Morning Reset.

There is a free taster class on the last Wednesday of each month, all details are on the website.


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