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17 months of FULL THROTTLE!... I’m finally taking 3 weeks off from this Friday.

It’s been a very interesting time to say the least. Navigating, single motherhood, a full body and mind overhaul, an ever improving business model, an intense re-entry into studying. All while dealing with other people’s fear, projections, insecurity, problems, breakdowns, breakups.

How have I done all this?

  • I’ve kept an eye on my mission.


  • I wrote this down and put it all over my flat. It’s still on my pinboard.

  • I let go of a stone of body fat, those first few weeks I experienced first hand how its human nature to soothe with food.. Oat cakes became bloat cakes.

  • I addressed my own sugar addiction

  • I stayed sober (3 years now!)

  • I got BWRT® on myself

  • I created a lucrative business and got out of debt, in turn transformed my money mindset from lacking to abundant.

  • I listened to inspirational audio books on repeat

  • I brainwashed myself into keeping my focus and not getting lost in the ‘how’ just the ‘why’, because if I can do this, then I want this mindset for everyone.

It’s been the hardest yet most rewarding time ever in my life, and I’m still building magical strategies to help women. Seeing those 20/30 plus women each morning, all in their own spaces with either kids or animals climbing over them has been a privilege. Also, catching up with them each month on a one to one basis has taught me so much about differences but also the similarities between all of us. The ones who have purchased additional BWRT® and coaching with me are soaring in their lives. I see freedom personified in all of them

Above all we all deserve freedom from our limiting beliefs. We all have a story, its not allowing this story to drive our fears that allows us to have a life we are proud of.

I am proud of myself… finally. I"m no longer held hostage by the past and this enables me to have this extraordinary life.

Back in September!

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