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It takes courage to accept it all

It takes courage to accept it all What ever your 'IT ALL' is

We can spend our whole lives running around like a headless chicken! I’m aware as a vegan this analogy is horrible, but we do actually metaphorically lose our heads when we lose our shit. Relate? I lost my shit very early on. A child of the 70s born into a situation where people, lets just say were doing their best with what they had at the time and horrors of their own pasts. Once I was grown and independent (which I sprinted towards) I was still losing it on a regular basis, trying to make sense of my childhood. We are all trying to make sense of our childhood no matter what happened, its called processing. But some of us have some harsh truths to process. Going back to some of those experiences are too painful, it would be like walking though fire. Our minds will protect us no matter what for survival. So we run from the flames in any way we can, with booze, drugs, relationships, over exercise, over achieving, overeating the list is endless…… we do anything to pacify that pain. Distraction becomes a default manner. Attention Deficit Disorders and OCD can develop. One day, you may decide to walk through that fire, and there is no rush, and when it happens, it is exactly when it needed to happen. There will usually be a moment of actually getting sick of your own bullshit, because repetitive pain starts to become tedious. For me, …to ACCEPT IT ALL has been excruciating at times, I’ve pushed and pulled and howled and growled. But it all started with putting down the things that soothed the harshness of it all. Its been a gradual process over years. For me the list was big; recreational drugs, over exercising, bingeing, bulimia, self harming, controlling relationships, inappropriate relationships, and finally nearly 3 years ago sociable drinking. Its been a sensitive time to say the least. Life became very loud. I had to remove myself from all relationships that triggered me, I learned a new found self love that guarded my peace like a lioness with her cubs. Life become akin to a child going into nursery without her comfort blanket. BWRT® came into my life, and unraveled the facts. My truth is mine. The culling was necessary. The woman I am today is so far removed from the self soothing seemingly happy woman I was before. Because I know IT is so. And again, whatever your IT is, if you expose your bones to the fire when you’re ready, its likely you’ll get clean, get sober, whether that is sober from the overeating, the people who enable you to stay hiding, or even the hard stuff. Sober can mean - down to earth, factual, staid, objective, straightforward, prosaic, no nonsense. Do you see how our little selves weren’t born with these traits? But also the peace these words can evoke. The bravest people I meet are my rehab clients. The strongest women I serve in The Rodina Reset are the ones who get up anyway, and their progress still blows my mind and reinforces that sometimes, we need to just get out of our own way, put down our masks, discard the comforts, stop making excuses and WALK IN FIRE…….you are not free until you do You are never alone. And, when the time is right you will. I only meant to go sober as a 6 week experiment….. the work I have done in the last 2 years, 10 months and 22 days has been a day at a time. I’m here if you need to chat about how I can help you…. Book a 20 minute chat via my website, no obligation.

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