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Want to learn deep backbending? Or the splits? Want to learn how to grab your own ankles from behind? Or do upward dog over and over …. And over. How about shredding your shoulders in chatarunga? Or going into downward dog with your arms and hanging out there?

I don’t teach any of these anymore.

Now nearly 49 with 30 years of yoga under my belt.

I don’t even really call what I teach yoga anymore since all the main teachers on the planet have been outed as major exploiters of females while in power.

So backbends etc …

I don’t agree with these bodily contortions anymore.

I don’t even practice yoga like I used to in a fixed sequence striving towards the next asana being granted. I’ve become my own teacher and I encourage my clients (not students) to do the same… PLAY with yourself 😶

And when I am leading…I believe we need more structure and stability than we ever have in these testing times. We also need to have fun. And personally I can’t have fun when I’m in pain and my back is sore, or my neck is locked. Or my rotator cuff is torn.

I’ve been teaching this way for a few years but things got cemented when I dove deeper into the whys and how’s with the help of @day1yoga. Her 4 pillars course is a must for everyone.

We will be having a cheeky chinwag soon on instalive. (She now knows what a chinwag is)

We’re moving into a new month and a new season… The total Reset starts on Friday this week.

My Reset will only make you stronger, flexible in the muscles that could do with length, and with less time on your mat and more time to play and be with activities that get you outside and into the elements.

Total Reset - 6:30am 7:20am

Monday to Friday.

Book a chat this week - no obligation via my website.

International clients check your time zones 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

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