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The moment I realised my life’s mission- it all fell into place.

I think I’ve always been known for being very passionate about my work, but in retrospect I can see how I was flailing in the ether of surviving. I was working to pay my bills, I was still passionate about health and wellbeing but nowhere near to this degree. It now feels asthough 25 years of enquiry have sunk into my bones. I’m a living, breathing testament to my routine and my long awaited self respect and love.

It took a mighty fall of self sabotage back in March '20 when we were all thrown into the unknown and like most people we were walking around our rooms trying to find a way to make sense of this mighty global shit storm. It was like choking on the unknown. Since I didn’t drink alcohol or smoke weed anymore my only soothing mechanism was to eat. I’d wake up at 3am gripped with fear and need a snack. My caffeine consumption went through the roof.

Needless to say and nearly a stone later.. I was miserable and anxious, and bloated and fat.

With enough exposure on social media I just started short free sessions online, if I was anxious I knew that people without the tools to meditate and get out of their heads and into their bodies would be really suffering, it helped me as much as it helped them. People were messaging telling me how much I was helping their elderly parents who were stuck inside sheilding.

The snacking still continued though and when a client thought it would be great for me to do videos, I felt disgusted with myself.

I was bloated, my hormones were haywire, I was farting like a trouper and felt an insatiable hunger ALL the time.

I was also locked up physically and knew running wouldn’t be good for me. I tried to practice Ashtanga yoga but felt my old yoga practice was making my back worse. So I reached out to a wonderful teacher in Miami and started working with her. She had been talking in a way I had been teaching my own clients for a few years. Poses like backbends and upward dog just hadn’t sat right with me for a long time, after having back surgery, from what I see now was excessive spinal flexion. I was seeing this in clients too. She was being brave enough to speak out against the ‘yoga mafia’… and I in turn was liberated to do the same.

The rest is history. Already vegetarian she suggested I explore going raw for a month, I was so daunted initially, but after only 3 days I felt a huge shift in my focus. The processed shit I had been eating was obviously addictive, so after 3 days the cravings stopped.

I started listening to every motivational book I could and retrained my mind to be unstoppable.

In the past this information would only last so long before I sabotaged my intentions. I reached out to the best BWRT® therapists in the world and reprogrammed my past. Diverting that victim mindset, to my formidable self, she was actually there all along….

Not only did she, Day Christensen give me a leg back up on that wall, I feel her and a few others, gave me a leg and a wing to see the…. limitless possibilities. We still speak and share our insights on Instagram every couple of months. It’s been a revelation to me to have such authentic support from someone in the same field as me. Even some ‘friends’ have done less.

So, the pandemic bought new friendships from all over the world, and gave me a discernment to discard those who don’t support me and my mission. Women who champion other women are worth hanging onto!

I am passionate about women’s health. I am passionate about women embracing their power and taking control of their wellbeing. I always was, but I didn’t have the right platform or time. Now the world has shrunk and I am online every morning. Monday to Friday before the rest of ‘them’ wake up.

I am NEVER exercising for more than 50 minutes at a time. A far cry from 90 minutes of sweat and struggle on a yoga mat. I see now how this completely depleted me. But, it got me high!, so It always felt good, until I crashed.

My advice? Get the work done. Be conscious of what you’re consuming. Be awake to what you are allowing in. Develop your brain to override limiting beliefs. Be soft. Be kind. Be loving to yourself. Discard everything that doesn’t vibe on your frequency.

This is what I’m teaching. This is The Life Reset.

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