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Updated: Jan 11

It’s an interesting time of year. Lots of prompts to better yourself to set a goal, to achieve something. I see life in metaphors and this to me is like starting at the base of a mountain. Or a bit like the first 10 minutes of a workout, never really pleasant and definitely daunting.

How about picture it this way? Would you get to the top of a mountain and not look back and regale in how much you have achieved? What you have conquered? Really acknowledge the effort you put in?

I think it is really beneficial to do this at the start of a New Year.

Maybe even acknowledge the past decade. With each thought it will evoke a sense of pride and accomplishment. It is this energy you need to drive you forward into setting a goal, you need to drum up the enthusiasm and what better way to do that than with a sense of pride and love in in yourself.

In the last 10 years I have.

  • Worked harder than ever and paid off my debts, got off working tax credits. Realising my work day can start at 6am, as a single mother this is gold. The Rodina Reset went international.

  • Through honest, brave conversations got a mother/daughter relationship that we are both proud of.

  • Got up and worked even when I felt tired and realised being my word is a core value of mine.

  • Lost a parent and navigated through complex grief, coming out the other side grateful for the insights, the good memories, the truth and the support I was given. I can trust people after all.

  • Trained to advanced level to become a BWRT® therapist and Life Coach.

  • Had hours and hours of therapy and BWRT® to rewire the trauma and anxiety out of my brain.

  • Met the love of my life and dared to have a really healthy, fulfilling, intimate and peaceful relationship.

  • Came to terms with estranging myself from family members and reported historical sexual abuse to the police, I finally got closure.

  • Travelled to Portugal alone and overcame my fear of driving on the other side of the road. Sunbathed naked and starting loving myself.

  • Overcame self harm and addictive behaviours and realised alcohol didn’t do me any favours either.

  • Took my sons to Australia alone, on a loan and celebrated Finn’s 18th birthday with my wonderful daughter who was living there.

  • Started swimming in open water.

  • Travelled to India with a broken heart, and my 3 year old son on my back and realised how wildly capable I was after being in a co-dependant marriage.

  • Got a loan and took my daughter to Bali to celebrate her 18th birthday. Memories to last a lifetime.

As you’ll find out when you do this exercise; your memories of confidence and triumph will ignite a sense of expansion and maybe an idea you may have felt impossible will pop into your head? As we get older we can start playing so much smaller. Little things can become big things and invariably they will be negative, leading to overwhelm. The problem with overwhelm is when unresolved and not addressed can turn into projection. Meaning you’ll blame others for all your woes.

And nobody wants to be around a ****. Who are you angry with? can you resolve it?

So take some time and zoom in on the good things you have done…. Notice the feelings that come up… and make some plans to match them!

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