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What comes to mind when you read the title of this masterclass?

How can we identify our self sabotage habits?

EVERYONE has different self sabotage habits. Here are some examples;

Always being late. Nagging. Procrastination. Social Media Excess. Gossiping. Negative self talk. Over indulging with food, drink, drugs, sex, exercise, Netflix, TV. Starting things and not finishing. Aggression and passive aggressive behaviour. Not being your word, the list is endless.

The easiest way to identify whether something is a self sabotage habit, is if IT IS GETTING IN THE WAY OF YOUR SUCCESS.

Are you frustrated that you keep doing it?

Is it holding you back from doing the things you want to do?

Does it feel like an unconscious behaviour that you can't seem to stop?

This online masterclass will include 3 x15 minute live sessions on Instagram and Facebook at 10am Monday (27th, 28th, 29th Dec) to Wednesday. "Questions to incite reflection" these will precede the actual masterclass.

Aimed to set you up for 3 days of subconscious pondering, because if you knew all the answers you wouldn't be doing it would you? Also some intention setting on how 2022 could be your best yet.

They will be held live on my Rodina Reset Community page (feel free to request to join) and Instagram Live (Linzirodinareset), and can be caught up at anytime. See these as seeds to sow for the main event.

You'll need a notebook and pen.

On the evening of Wednesday 29th December at 7:30pm - come prepared with your notebook, a yoga mat, a blanket. cosy clothes and an open and ready mind. We will be using somatic healing incorporating gentle yoga and deep meditation and Nidra.


Enough of this hamster wheel of repetition... it's time to SLAY YOUR SELF-SABOTAGE

Reflect, Release, Reset.

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