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Stress can manifest in unsaid words.

Losing self expression is one of the biggest confidence leaches. Playing it over and over and still its unresolved, is a sure way to create numerous blockages in life. It can seep into everything.

In Chakra speak its Vishuddhi that's gets affected. Which sits around our throat centre. I always frame this by imagining you have a light blue mist, swirling, clearing, like a menthol clarity that can clear your throat, your ears, your entire head to think and communicate clearly, and as importantly - listen.

Now there is listening and then there is really listening. We can listen with a background program playing out what we will be responding with, or how it relates to us, or we can LISTEN.

How good does it feel to be truly heard?

Thyroid. Throat. Ears. Head. That blocked feeling in your throat when you’re holding back emotions. Or that uncomfortable stress when you are hearing things that cut deep.

The word emotion - is E-Motion - it is a fluid thing. Emotions can move through us. Holding in emotions is, in my opinion detrimental to our health, they fester, they burn, over the many years of treating human beings I see this in skin complaints or acid reflux, or rage, jealousy etc.

Unresolved conversations and issues are making you sick. Say what you need to say, find a therapist who remains impartial, if you need help unravelling it all.

I love BWRT®; its a fantastic tool to shut down a program in the mind that keeps playing in an unhelpful way.

Freedom from unhelpful thoughts is bliss.

Having courage to have difficult conversations and resolve issues is a brave thing to do, go gently, above all try and imagine you and this person on equal terms and that YOU DON’T NEED TO BE RIGHT, letting go of this need will transform not only your conversation but also your listening.

Above all be kinder beyond necessary.

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