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What is Yoga Nidra exactly?

My Full Moon Nidra happens if and when my schedule can allow it.

This month it is on Wednesday 17th of November.

You may not know what Yoga Nidra is?

Yoga; meaning union with the Divine and Nidra meaning sleep is a very passive beautiful practice. You could say its a state of deep relaxation with full consciousness. How it differs from other strands of yoga is the stillness. There are no poses except corpse pose ie: lying on your back ideally, with your palms face up.

With the right guide, you are led into a different state of consciousness. It induces the state of Pratyahara - going inward; withdrawal of the senses.

Personally I have been teaching Yoga Nidra for the last 18 years. As an integral part of my yoga tuition, and also with my massage clients.

My Yin yoga practice is called Surrender & Release, I believe that Yin Yoga and Nidra are crucial for balance within us. When dynamic yoga asana (poses) and flow is being taught, or other strenuous workouts that raise the heart rate, we need to find a way to release endorphins into our system without stressing the body. We need a certain amount of stress in its many forms, This can be difficult for those who are attached to going outside of ourselves for relaxation. The only way to peace, is by daring to go inward. I sew this golden thread of 'reset' into all my work.

The yin/yang balance is highly effective in offering my clients a fully rounded practice.

How does Yoga Nidra benefit you?

Yoga Nidra is a deep state of relaxation. The benefits are endless, helping the nervous system calm down into a less reactive state. Turning the volume down on the flight, fright, freeze reactions that as humans we have no choice to respond to. A regular Yoga Nidra practice will tone the vagus nerve; the link from the mind to the body (simple terms) and so allowing all the internal organs to quieten and in turn the endocrine system to self regulate. The endocrine system is responsible for our hormonal reactions. Having less adrenaline and cortisol in your system can have a profound effect on anxiety and panic disorders. We should only have ever had sharp intakes of these hormones through our system to escape from life threatening danger! These days stress disorders keep these hormones running in the system on loop and are highly detrimental to our wellbeing. Hanging around the adrenals, fatiguing the kidneys.. otherwise known as adrenal fatigue; burn out. Also depleting our immune system.

What do I need to do? From the outside you're simply lying down. This can be problematic as our monkey chatter in our mind will still be playing out. When I first started out I confused my meditation practice with just daydreaming and sitting still. Yoga Nidra has a focus, and an intention is usually set called a San Kalpa. I tend to frame this with - “who do you decide to be from now on?” Love? Light? Free? In the process I subtly keep reminding the relaxed mind to bring this intention forward.

They say, if you’re too busy to practice you should practice for more of the time.

Comfort is everything. I advise my clients to imagine they are setting up a space for their best friend. A friend who may be going through some stuff. Cosy socks, comfortable clothes. A fresh, ready for bed body, maybe a soothing bath first. Being warm and comfortable without external distractions is key. Maybe add your favourite aromatherapy.

20 minutes a day of the rotation of consciousness (which I tend to guide up to 4 times during the hour in a Yoga Nidra session) can have a transformative positive effect on your wellbeing. I teach my yoga Nidra sessions most full moon now on Zoom, when everyone seems to need calming the most. Water/tides/sea and all that, YOU are 60% water so obviously the moon has an effect on you too. Plus being in the comfort of your own home is a massive bonus. Energy is not lost via Zoom I promise you. Plus you're not far from bed, which I guarantee you will want to crawl into afterwards. You could even do this in bed.

The common stumbling blocks would be the incessant chattering of your monkey mind. With regular practice there is more space between those ramblings and the still ‘aha’ moments of nothingness. I’d also advise… don’t be attached to it being good or bad. Drop expectations. This is a great lesson in life anyway.

You can book the Wednesday evening sessions via my website, under dropins/monthly courses/workshops/rise&reset

Here is the link

Please get in touch if you have any queries.

Kindest Smiles

Linzi Rodina

Founder of The Rodina Reset

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