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Who remembers - WHY DON'T YOU?




I tested myself yesterday to see if swerving exercise and RESTING (translate-watched an excessive amount of rubbish on TV) would help with where I currently am in my menstrual cycle.

This is the week I feel rubbish, I feel flat, I feel anxious and I can find myself in a freeze state if I"m not careful.  So I stayed home and didn't move much. I had the rare opportunity of being totally alone for 48 hours!

By the time I went to bed, I was wired, and was kicking myself that I didn't get outside and move my body. Not for any other reason but that the cortisol had built up and was not allowing me to sleep! (luckily I know about this stuff)

This is all I needed to confirm how important our circadian rhythm is, today I feel like I have jet lag!

So, I really invite you to assess this in yourself, if you're telling yourself you  need to stay up late watching shit, not exercising, not seeing day light. This will be seriously messing up your hormones, and no amount of supplements will fix this.


How do you want to live your life? This can be such an irritating question, when all you want is to feel like you used to ie: better!

How do you want to feel each day? You might be answering with NOT THIS WAY!

I know for a fact sleep hygiene should be No1 priority.

As I said, I tested this and gave myself TOO MUCH sleep!

To bring feeling better than now into reality requires ROUTINE, and behaviour that aligns with the small steps. Unfortunately that also means if you're not feeling tip top there are behaviours that drive that negative state into reality! I know it is hard to take responsibility sometimes. (and boooooooring) (and … we all rebel, even against ourselves)

So how do you feel about SACRIFICE? Argh, this can be as triggering as DISCLIPLINE



Let me help you here! At the beginning of each weekI decide a new sacrifice , a bit like decluttering. This week my sacrifice is going to be no TV when I'm alone. Instead I will listen to an audio book or podcast or read, or prep meals, or or or.. the possibilities are endless. 

So, my next question is:

What short term gratification are you willing to drop to achieve longterm goals?


At rehab the other day, a few clients had such an epiphany over how we can override impulsive acts.  Any of you born in the 70s and saw WHY DON"T YOU? This is a great  pitch to “doing something less boring instead!!”

Hope you've got an ear worm now! 

You're welcome.

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