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Updated: Dec 15, 2022

Nearly two years of fully pivoting my business and presenting 21 years of knowledge and wisdom to women on the Rodina Reset. I had to dig deep to pull this off. Fortunately in 2020 I was heart deep into rediscovering my core values, finding my way home to myself. Sitting with my authentic self. Getting to know myself without the bullies, the reminders of what darkened my days as a child/adolescent/younger human which confused my womanhood. A chrysalis maybe? So when the pandemic hit, I was at the mercy of my own rebirth. Undistracted, I had a slight wobble but I was gathering strength to become more whole. I had and continue to let go of anything and anyone who hinders my peace. A painful detachment. I moved away from prime influences. We only come back to our true selves when we are ready and also guided by real, simple truth. Finding your own core values is key to your happiness.

Who you hang around has a major influence on your contentment.

I’ve had to become a marketing whizz, an IT expert, an administrator, set designer, a videographer, unashamed blogger - on top of sailing the pandemic panic along with the rest of the world. I became a captain of a ship with no map. What sent me most off course was the BLM and the tirade of ugliness. The unveiling of racism beyond what I understood. Plus the division of opinions of all of it, that I still steer clear of. I also finished my Level 2 in BWRT® psychopathology, and embarked on an intensive Life coaching qualification, which in hindsight was perfect for what was to come when my father died in June.

I’ve had more therapy, body work, deep conversations in these last 2 years because I know I can’t endorse all I do without seeking the light and clearing myself. When you’re self employed you don’t get an appraisal from a boss. So I’ll give myself one now

I’ve never been so true to my life work than ever before. I’m giving myself a promotion. A raise, and a holiday (I’ve had 2 weeks off in 2 years, not good for avoiding burn out) I’ve made new friends and also reevaluated what friendship is. At times I’ve had more support and applaud from strangers than the people closest to me - and that’s been perfect in honing discernment of my circle. It’s smaller. I believe we can only thrive when we find our purpose. My purpose is to lead women to live extraordinary lives. The transformations I assist blow my mind - so subtle to them but so obvious to me. They know the benefits of starting their days the way they mean to go on. I’ve managed to touch people energetically worldwide from Sweden to Miami to France to New Zealand. The world is linked energetically. My resolve has been tested at times - trying to please everyone, avoiding absorbing people projection. Staying neutral and just listening. It’s been a delicate dance. I’d like to thank the women who have inspired and taught me to this particular space. @Day1yoga who said do simple shit. @lydiakimmerling who has taught me to coach from my heart @johannemckenna for reflexology @purplelawsy for your support @helenvane for you support

And two geezers….

@markpwilliams for allowing being my rock when times got scary and sharing my joy!

@bradwaldron for letting me run things past you in the early days.

Photo Credit @cuttlebonephotography

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