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the morning reset

gift yourself time to truly experience integrated physical and mental wellbeing

Join the RODINA Reset

You deserve to be strong.

You deserve to give yourself time.

Your future self will thank you for it.

Monday to Thursday I AM LIVE! wherever you are!

Triple dare you to get into an awesome habit of getting yourself in the groove, with my help of course! I am so passionate about setting your day up the right way, infusing some positivity and working some muscles that you didn’t know you had! I am also dedicated to your nervous system regulation.

What the Reset Session Membership provides:

6:30-7:20am LIVE on ZOOM

MONDAYS - Foundations & Strength - Upper body, with weights of your choice

TUESDAYS - Foundations & Strength - Lower body, kettlebell, CARS (controlled articular rotations)

WEDNESDAYS - Surrender & Release - dynamic stretching & Yin Yoga

THURSDAYS - Stability & Flexibility - Yoga Flow

All classes are recorded and sent by 7:45am each day, valid for one week.

You also benefit from a 10% discount off a Productivity  Laser coaching one off session.

Earlybird price expires 6pm 15th of each month

Still not sure if this is the right programme for you?

Rock Maze
"Let the beauty of what you love be what you do"


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