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About Linzi Rodina 

Linzi Rodina is a 51 year old English nomad/warrior, world wanderer, dreamer, hippy yoga lover, anatomy/physiology nerd, mind sparking adrenaline junky.

Currently obsessed with feet and how we move, learning from Gait Happens a US based school.

Nutrition/cooking is a a huge hobby too.  Creating balanced recipes to share with her social media following.

Eating the rainbow being her slogan of choice.

Travelling the planet and tasting it's wares has always been her passion.

Recently learning flying trapeze in the Caribbean and scaring herself silly, keeps her forever trying, striving and staying proud and humble.

A writer. Her play on words pours into all her work.

Currently writing her first book to empower human beings to live a life  beyond trauma and addiction.



Qualifying as a massage therapist in 1997, fitness instructor in 2000, yoga teacher in 2005, travelling the world to learn from the greatest teachers on this planet from Bali, Kauai, India, Scotland to realise it all starts from within, now a yoga teacher gone rogue teaching her own style. A magpie for knowledge. Huge gratitude for all the people who have inspired her.

She qualified as a BWRT® therapist in 2017, learning from the founder Terence Watts himself.  ICF Life Coach in 2021 with the brilliant Lydia Kimmerling, now  working in 6.9,12 week partnerships.

Overcoming her own demons and breaking through active addictive behaviours her self development is on going.  

Working in the drug and alcohol rehabilitation sector since 2018 gives her huge satisfaction.

In 2020 during the pandemic she founded the internationally acclaimed RODINA RESET - an online exercise session programme with daily classes and recordings mixing years of expertise, building muscle with weights, somatic awareness, breath work and deep nervous system regulation, all wrapped up on Thursdays in sublime yoga flow.

Her biggest accomplishments in life are her 3 children, and finding her soulmate in her mid 40s. The journey continues.

My training

2024 - EFT Level 1 and 2

2023 - Gait Happens© Level One

2022 - ICF Life Coaching - Lydia Kimmerling

2019 - BWRT® Level 2 -  Terence Watts

2018 - BWRT® Level 1 - June Hale & Georgina McKinnon

2016 - Ashtanga Workshop - Tim Feldman

2016 - Yoganatomy (various) - David Keil

2015 - Ashtanga/Ayruveda Bali, Indonesia

2011 - Zero Balancing Bodywork Level 1 

2010 - Ashtanga with Prem & Radha in Kauai, Hawaii

2006 - Yin Yoga with Paul Grilly

2005 - Yoga Teacher Training 500 hrs - Shanti Griah Scotland w/ Brian Cooper

2004 - Yoga Teacher Training 200 hrs - South of France w/ Brian Cooper

2003 - Reiki Master Training

2003 - Les Mills Body Training Systems

2002 - Spinning Qualification YMCA

2002 - Circuit/Weight Training YMCA

2002 - Yoga Certificaiton YMCA

2001 - Exercise to Music YMCA

1997 - Sports Massage with West London School of Massage

1996 - Massage with West London School of Massage

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