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About Linzi Rodina 

Linzi Rodina is a 50 year old English nomad/warrior, world wanderer, dreamer, hippy yoga lover, anatomy/physiology nerd, mind sparking, advanced Brainworking Recursive therapy practitioner (BWRT®), ICF Life coach, Massage therapy and bodywork practitioner. Also training with Gait Happens® and a newly qualified Gait Guru... the journey continues. Currently obsessed with feet and how we move.

Nutrition and cooking is a a huge hobby too. Eating the rainbow being her slogan of choice.



A published writer, her play of words pours into all her work.

Qualifying as a massage therapist in 1997, fitness instructor in 2000, yoga teacher in 2005, BWRT® therapist in 2017, ICF Life Coach in 2021 it's been her passion to empower human beings for so long.

Overcoming her own demons and breaking through active addictive behaviours her self development is on going.

Her meditations have been spoken for 20+ years. Incorporating body scanning, imagery and creating a deep sense of peace to relieve stress and anxiety for many.

She has been working in drug and alcohol rehabilitation centres for since 2018. Having become clean from drugs many years ago and seeing alcohol creeping in, so now alcohol free since 2018.

Teaching is where she is happiest, getting people out of their heads and into their bodies.

A mother of 3 beautiful humans. Proud beyond words.

Her own childhood obstacles have made her the creator of inspirational, functional movement sessions, talking to your bones and rewiring those neural pathways of your minds.

We can overcome our pasts.
Living on the beach on the South Coast/and also in East London her work spreads far and wide.

This is her legacy.
Also a Spotify artist - Envisaging a library of
go to soothes to bring you back to earth and back into your body, away from the relentless monkey chatter.

The journey continues.

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