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About Me

My Mission is to help humans believe and have their best lives possible.

My love of life’s journey began with cross-county running for my county, and Ishynru karate. In my early 20s becoming hooked on Ashtanga yoga, my yoga inquiry began. A realisation that I could tune into bodies through massage, I trained in central London to become a holistic massage therapist.  I went on to qualify as a fitness instructor in 2001 and my love of teaching and a strong yoga practice took me into yoga teacher training by 2003. In the early days I would push my body for the perfect pose, the perfect stretch the perfect ‘workout’. Causing myself injuries in my quest for what yoga had become in the mainstream. 

Whilst recovering from said injuries it dawned on me that this was not yoga. I understood anatomy, from my massage training and knew that my yoga was losing its’ integrity.  So I began to practice for strength, not stretch. I began to play, with the intention of building the structure to hold and support my body, non-judgementally, whilst calming my mind,  I would from now on help people to practice yoga without injury, for the wellbeing of the body, mind and soul. I would take my yoga into a safe realm with my many years of experience and intuition running parallel. 

I welcome the curious, those that want to build strength and focus, those that need nurturing, those that need to overcome negative thoughts, those that need a routine, those that need to feel lightness, those that need to Reset.

Coming into my 51st year, I am physically and mentally healthier and fitter than ever before. I realise that it all comes back to finding a balance between recharging rest, both mentally and physically, and focused, creative productivity to be proud of. You will find this reflected in teaching. 

The Rodina Reset was born during the pandemic where my work went International online and continues to help women navigate perimenopause and beyond.

I am passionate about learning and have graduated in BWRT® ‘Brain Working Recursive Therapy’, a life changing brain reprogramming system that really is changing my clients lives.  With Abolishing Anxiety and Neuroanalysis in my repertoire. 

I am constantly studying anatomy and physiology and have a keen interest in myofascial release and anatomy trains, the holding patterns of our bodies and the direct link of the vagus nerve.

I teach my skills at  drug and alcohol rehabilitation centres and this is some of my most rewarding work.

"Linzi Rodina is an English nomad/warrior, world wanderer, dreamer, hippy yoga lover, anatomy/physiology nerd, mind sparking, advanced Brainworking Recursive therapy practitioner; BWRT®.  ICF Life coach. Massage therapy and bodywork practitioner. Nutrition and cooking is a a huge hobby too.

Her meditations have been spoken for 20+ years. Incorporating body scanning, and imagery created to bring about a sense of peace and relieve stress and anxiety for many, and especially motivated working in drug & alcohol rehabilitation centres since 2018.

A mother of 3.  Childhood obstacles overcome have made her the broadminded creator of inspirational yoga sessions, yoga nidra and guided meditations.  

Living on the beach in West Sussex for the last 19 years, preferring to live on the edge.  Coming of age in central London and claims music saved her life many times. Once in active addiction many moons ago, and alcohol free since 2018.  This is her legacy. Envisaging a library of go to soothes to bring you back to earth and back into your body, away from the relentless monkey chatter. Enjoy." Spotify Bio - Linzi J Rodina

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