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Join me for your morning reset

Live each week from 6.30am-7.20am Monday to Thursday

gift yourself time to truly experience integrated physical and mental wellbeing


How reset works

We meet 6:30am-7:20am GMT

MONDAYS - Foundations & Strength - Upper body, with weights of your choice

TUESDAYS - Foundations & Strength - Lower body, weights of your choice 

WEDNESDAYS - Surrender & Release, CARS and dynamic stretch

(Strict soothe on the first Wednesday each month, then a combo on following weeks)

THURSDAYS - Stability & Flexibility - Yoga Flow

All classes are recorded and sent by 7:45am each day, valid for one week.

You will need:
a yoga mat, a blanket, a cushion.
Required kit:
two x 3, 4 or 5kg hand weights and one 10kg kettlebell.
A pole, (a broom handle will do).

Benefits of the reset

Strength & Mobility

These exercises improve stability, balance, and coordination, leading to more efficient and injury-resistant movement patterns in daily life. Combining weightlifting, stretching, and functional movement exercises creates a well-rounded fitness routine that enhances strength, flexibility, and functional capacity.

Thursdays I combine all of this to teach you your flow, my way.

Support & understanding

Providing unwavering support to empower you  to push past limitations, stay committed to your goals, and navigate obstacles with resilience.  

Built on understanding and support to enhance your performance but also nurturing your personal development and fulfilment.

Weekly checkins and knowing I am here for you is what makes the Morning Reset programme work.

I'm here for you!

Accountability & SMILES

Accountability serves as a crucial motivator in helping you achieve your goals by providing structure, consistency, and a sense of responsibility.  Knowing I am monitoring  your efforts will instil a sense of accountability, prompting you  to stay on track, overcome challenges, and maintain momentum toward your goals.

I  infuse  enjoyment into the process, in my own unique way.

I guarantee the time will fly.



Come and join a free class on the last Wednesday of each month to see what the RESET is all about! You will receive the recording if you can't make the session live at 6:30am. (1/3 of participants do this)

MAY 29



“Three months ago, I felt completely stuck. Linzi has worked openly and honestly with me, unpicking and nurturing, she has helped me understand many unhelpful habits that were feeding into my wellbeing and with her help my progress has been huge. Linzi has delivered exactly what I have asked and I am now able to respond and behave differently to before in so many ways.  If you really want to invest in yourself and make changes with some coaching, kindness, and the strange but very powerful BWRT to help along the way, this is money well spent.”"

Alexa Young, CA

Triple dare you to get into an awesome habit of getting yourself in the groove, with my help of course! I am so passionate about setting your day up the right way, infusing some positivity and working some muscles that you didn’t know you had! I am also dedicated to your nervous system regulation.

Join me next month

I would love to have your face, body and feet in my class!

Remember to take advantage of the earlybird offer which expires on 15th of each month at 6pm

You deserve to be strong.
You deserve to give yourself time.
Your future self will thank you for it.


Join me for my annual mini retreat on Sunday June 9th 1pm - 6pm

Let's dive deep into a gorgeous state of clarity and renewal, with tools to support your nervous system and assist you in finding your peace.

Set in Worthing at my home for yoga, meditation, light plant based lunch and includes a sauna on the beach.

OPEN FOR RESET MEMBERS, past and present

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