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Are you ready to start living your best life?

Let's start by setting your day up the right way, infusing some positivity and working some muscles that you didn’t know you had, and regulate your nervous system so that you can take on anything!


Join me for your morning reset

Live each week from 6.30am-7.20am Monday to Thursday


Welcome, I'm Linzi

My Mission is to empower you to believe you deserve to live your absolute best life. 

I'm all about balance and simplicity and passionate about

humans moving through life efficiently. 

how i can help you

Rock Maze


I'm a neural pathway therapist using BWRT® (brain working recursive therapy) & Life Coaching working one to one both online or in person. Currently training in E.F.T *waitlist currently in place*

Morning reset

Morning movement practicing in the comfort and privacy of your own home, no ego, no judgement. It's just you, your body and mind, guided by a teacher who believes in a safe and holistic approach. Prepare to understand movement on a whole new level


Group life coaching and meditation are invaluable components of a corporation's wellbeing day. Life coaching in a group setting offers employees to develop effective strategies for growth and fulfilment.

“Three months ago, I felt completely stuck. Linzi has worked openly and honestly with me, unpicking and nurturing, she has helped me understand many unhelpful habits that were feeding into my wellbeing and with her help my progress has been huge. Linzi has delivered exactly what I have asked and I am now able to respond and behave differently to before in so many ways.  If you really want to invest in yourself and make changes with some coaching, kindness, and the strange but very powerful BWRT to help along the way, this is money well spent.”"

Alexa Young, CA

New Moon Nidra

An hour of deep meditation,  to regulate the nervous system.  

Yoga nidra means sleep, these sessions ensure a perfect respite from the monkey chatter.   This runs for an hour in the comfort of your own home around the New Moon from 7-8pm.

Have a bath, get cosy and let me soothe you.



Join me for my annual mini retreat on Sunday June 9th 1pm - 6pm

Let's dive deep into a gorgeous state of clarity and renewal, with tools to support your nervous system and assist you in finding your peace.

Set in Worthing at my home for yoga, meditation, light plant based lunch and includes a sauna on the beach.

OPEN FOR RESET MEMBERS, past and present

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