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The reset sessions

Freeing you to live an extraordinary life with online Movement for mind and body 


I'm all about balance and simplicity and passionate about

humans moving through life efficiently. 

The Rodina Reset is an established programme Monday to

Thursday (4 classes total) to help you break through limiting

beliefs, build functional

muscles, release tension, reset your limiting beliefs to

empower you to live your best life.


What could you do if your body became strong, flexible and

full of vitality?

How would it feel to have a more efficient gait correcting body mechanics?

What could you achieve if your mind became clear and focused? 

A body and mind without limits?


It is possible!


All sessions are taught on Zoom; practising in the comfort and privacy of your own home,
no ego, no judgement. A recording is sent each day if you miss it live.

Its just you, your body and mind, guided by a teacher who believes in a safe and holistic approach. 

Or consider one to one partnerships  in a location that suits you?
Zoom, your home? my studio? expenses on booking.


I am also a neural pathway therapist using BWRT® (brain working recursive therapy)

& Life Coaching working one to one both online or in person. 

Press the button below to book a free Zoom or phone chat on all services.  
Let me hear your concerns, goals, and get to know you.

Child's Pose

how i can help you

The Rodina Reset

Full Monthly Membership
with access to all live zoom classes,   recordings each day, groups and extras to nourish
your body and soul.

Third Eye

Each new moon, or thereabouts - I hold a free yoga nidra session for everyone on the Reset.

None resetters also very welcome 

Lie down, relax, let my voice talk to your bones. Just £5

Recorded and valid for 2 weeks.

Reset 121 

Bespoke service specifically designed for you, at your place or mine, or Zoom. We'll work on whatever is most important for you.



Personal coaching is a professional service that helps people set and achieve personal and professional goals.  Coaching is focused on helping you improve your overall personal development, including personal growth and wellbeing.

I am ICF qualified and all my work is practiced under supervision with full insurance.

BWRT® Therapy 

BrainWorking Recursive Therapy® 

 a  relatively new model of psychology and psychopathology that fits comfortably with current thinking on neuroscience. I am Level 2 trained and specialise with phobia, addiction and anxiety.

Currently fully booked until Feb'24 But let's chat and consider being added to waitling list.

Linzi Sept-60.jpg
live in person classes


At Saltwater Studios in Worthing, West Sussex.


A taster of what to expect from the weekly Reset Sessions.  

If you're experiencing imbalance in structure and want to break down the spirals of openings that we are looking for in yoga along with grounding & strengthening. 


“Three months ago, I felt completely stuck. I had managed to create the time for myself but then couldn’t actually work out what it was that I needed to do with this time. I was getting very little enjoyment out of what should have been a good life.

 I have followed Linzi on instagram for some time and always admired her sunny but straightforward attitude so I booked a call with Linzi to see if she could help me move past whatever was holding me back. Linzi suggested a three month partnership of life coaching and BWRT to zap some childhood stuff that was very debilitating.

 Linzi has worked openly and honestly with me, unpicking and nurturing., she has helped me understand many unhelpful habits that were feeding into my wellbeing and with her help my progress has been huge. Linzi has delivered exactly what I have asked and I am now able to respond and behave differently to before in so many ways. The BWRT has helped me step away from some childhood trauma that had informed who I thought I was for many decades. 

 If you really want to invest in yourself and make changes with some coaching, kindness, and the strange but very powerful BWRT to help along the way, this is money well spent.”

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