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Fat burning


  •   At 51 I'm finally happy in my skin. I work out to build muscle and stay injury free, I build muscle to hold my skeleton up and the long term goal of never wanting to ever feel unable to travel to faraway places and hike.  Maybe after certain diagnosis's our goals can become more concrete.  Silver linings.  Over the last 3 years I've had to seriously address my muscle function to stay mobile, learning more and more and changing how I address my teaching in turn. Certain cues I now cringe about spouting for so long. Like tracking your little toe in a split squat, grip with the toes, take a glute bridge high, rest in downward dog… Being a self employed human with bills I need to maintain peak fitness to fulfil my commitments .. (and dreams)  I've also changed my whole perspective about unwanted fat and the impact it has on our whole life. I've experienced 27 Januarys where new clients come with over the top enthusiasm and want a quick fix to help them love themselves more.  What you do with your exercise regime won't make a jot of difference to fat burning.  Over 27 years working in the fitness industry I've met some very overweight fit people.  IF fat burning  is your goal, then you need to assess what you are consuming, what your goals are and WHY those goals are important to you. If it is solely about how you look you may never be satisfied, there needs to be lots of gains to be had.    The average human is in a calorie surplus, they then get to middle age, move less, eat more and then blame it all on menopause or their trainer.  I'm here to help. IF it is only about fat loss, I need you to ask yourself what will life be like if you felt lighter? if you looked in the mirror and liked what you saw? What will be easier if you aren't carrying unwanted fat? The Reset Sessions will be addressing all this for those who request it.   EarlyBird price for July ends on June 15th at 6pm.

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