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Me and Avocados

Me and Avocados

I have a bit of a love/hate thing with avocados. They’re unpredictable aren’t they?

sometimes you open one up and its the most glorious thing ever, perfectly ripe and other times, you open one up and its like the WORLD HATES ME. Gnarly and bruised and frankly ‘why did you ruin my day’ Avo?

BUT, BUT, if I don’t consume avocados, I get dry. Its a real super food. And as a perimenopausal woman I say we need to lube up from the inside out... I see a very significant difference when I’m on my Avo game.

Benefits you ask?

They have Vitamins; K, C, B5, B6, E, more potassium than bananas, monounsaturated fatty acids - good for your heart, and great for reducing inflammation, for achy menopausal joints these are my go to. They can even lower cholesterol which can be an issue for some women as hormones shift.

The fats help you absorb fat soluble nutrients and the carotenoid and zeaxanthin will protect your eyes.

Personally they keep me satisfied for longer.

Here are two recipes depending on whether your avocado on that day is compliant….

Simply sliced in half and eaten with a cashew and mint cream.

Soak a handful of cashew nuts, blitz with a little warm water, and a handful of fresh mint plus salt and pepper.

Put into the holes and eat with a spoon. Some sliced chilli would be good here too..

If the avocado isn’t pretty, get over it and blitz it in a smoothie of a handful of soaked cashews, 3 soaked dates, one banana, and a handful of spinach and mint, and water.

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