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I was asked by my lovely friend Katie at Hotpod to write my views on transitions and beginnings...

What does transitioning into a new beginning mean to me?

I believe we are guided by our intuition more than we realise. The tiny veers onto a different course can be very subtle, and conversely catastrophic events in our lives can also force a transition beyond preparation and logic. But, both can set us on a path of spiritual rebirth. There will always be subconscious referencing of who we were before this shift. The event. The moment where life will never be the same again.

I believe our most powerful transitions can come about from distress, grief, shock and also repetition. Obviously we don’t want repeated exposure to negative scenarios, but stress is the litmus paper to change. And a little stress everyday is actually a good thing. In my opinion this stops our bodies and minds turning to mush.

This year for me has highlighted my flight/fight mode and a deeper enquiry into who I am without this reactive behaviour. I am a great warrior, but can I sit and simply be? I can now. To sit with grief has shown me this. In all it’s painful glory.

And here lies the new beginning, a deeper appreciation of just how precious our lives are and a determination as a parent/partner/daughter/friend/teacher/therapist to leave a legacy.

Freedom is there when we dig deep into our neural pathways and rewire old programs.

And remember this, the transition doesn't necessarily happen immediately. Everything happens in divine timing.

See you soon I hope

My workshop Structure and Space is at SWS on Saturday 18th September from 8-9:30am

£25 - we will explore and extinguish old teachings of typical poses and you will also experience a deep mind reboot while in Savasana. Bookings via my website.

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