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What is the Reset?

I have been teaching yoga, mindfulness, workshops, fitness classes for *cough 21 years now. I really love my work. I love empowering people and nudging them out of their comfort zone in a safe, smiling way. Now as a therapist and coach I have even more tools in my bag to really inspire people to become the best versions of themselves. It’s something I’m so passionate about because I understand limiting beliefs. I want every woman I work with to know they deserve to be at pinnacle of their greatness. Because why not!! Why the hell not??… life can be stressful enough without having to carry yourself around in a body you dislike and a mind that trips you up all the time. Believe me I can go there very easily when I take my eye of the ball. Now with an ever-growing team of experts also contributing it just gets better. From Pelvic floor health to menopause support etc.

I always encouraged my clients to go within themselves and listen deeply to their bodies while exercising, I understood the fear around studios and group fitness, especially if you hated PE at school.

I founded The Rodina Reset in the first lockdown. The results have been phenomenal in the women who have committed to this for the last year….

A very dear client sent this today - it sums it up perfectly.

“All the way through this mornings class I kept thinking how essential the reset has become to me- my mind, my body, everything. And as friends have been going back to real live classes, I now recognise how important the zoom aspect is. I used to spend a lot of time in classes looking (in wonder!) at everyone else, knowing I was coming nowhere near. Now I concentrate on me, what my tummy, toes, shoulders are doing. It is now such an important part of my life - I don’t think I can thank you enough xx”

Note, this was a woman who last summer thought she’d ‘give it a go’ for a month… she consistently shows up and gives 100% and I’ve never seen her shine this bright.

The magic of the Reset is you are done and dusted by 7:20am in the morning as we start at 6:30am. It sets you up for the day and being on Zoom there are no excuses… I mean where else would you be at 6:30am?

There will be an opportunity to try the Reset for 2 weeks in August (first 2 weeks) at an introductory rate…

Watch this space.

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