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I need to tell you something important. 

I need to tell you something important.  I really need you to know why I do what I do.

Without you understanding why I show up the way I do, and work so hard, it might look like an ego trip, UNLESS you're on the Reset Sessions, it is obvious then.

I discovered at around 8/9 that I was good at running. I didn’t know at the time it was my “go to nervous system regulator”. The same way kids jump up and down when they’re flushing through anxiety or excitment, the brain can’t differentiate the two.  At the time I just remember my Dad cheering me on and me wanting to please him, in turn I felt seen.

When I started senior school I won the yearly 800m/1500m and cross country races and again, I didn’t know this at the time but this buffered my emotional wellbeing from what was going on at home. Home life had taken a difficult  turn. I had a great PE teacher; Miss Olly Hickman who saw my potential. From wanting to please my Dad I went to wanting to please her, her coaching was top notch, she showed me what self pride could be, it took a long time to feel it but the kudos of being the best in the year was addictive.

I absolutely believe that running saved my life.

Unfortunately this lack of emotional awareness got transferred onto boys, as cross addiciton can, and once I turned 16 I stopped all expercise, got fat, depressed, and addiction took over. Instead of turning to exercise I turned to cannabis and other recreational drugs. Clubbing 3 times a week, dancing my tits off and generally on a roller coaster of detox/retox, looking back my mental health was in a terrible state and I was too scared to pursue support, especially after the GP referred me to a psychiatrist, an appointment I never attended. I remember a family member saying, it will be on my records forever. 

Unfortunately the stigma around mental health was so negative and simpy owning depression/anxiety/pmdd is/was so stigmatised like addiction, I want to break this taboo.


At 21 I  met Ian Cole, and started karate. I remember he let me teach a warm up and it felt good! I trained twice a week and started running again.  Starting up exercise again is HARD,  I like to use the example of the power and force  needed to start up an engine,   Look at the effort it takes to get a rocket into orbit.

At 27 I started teaching aerobics, I still have a thank you card from a woman who came to my classes. She said, she hated PE at school and I had coaxed her into loving exercise.

Teaching aerobics/fitness/spinning for over 23  years has always been has been so rewarding. For me its about the people at the back, the unsure ones, the self conscious ones. People assume I have always had this energy and confidence. It ebbs and flows. 3 children later, leg surgery, spinal surgery, depression; I’ve had to power up that rocket each time. It takes a lot to show up.


Now I feel I have so many tools to undo restrictive patterns in humans, and guide them into a space of loving their bodies effiency, no matter where it is at!

The power of being able to work from your own home before the world wakes up, is also absolute key into why the Rodina Reset Sessions are still highly popular FOUR years on! We're  done and dusted by 7:20am!

Life is good (and then it’s not, and then it is) and having a constant exercise regime is what keeps my mental and physical health in check.

The Reset is  the future of Mental and Physical Fitness

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