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Four years on!


Firstly and most importantly, I want to thank the people who have stuck by me. The ones that went with the flow and trusted the process and were patient with my tweakments. 

Lately some people, who have teetered on the sidelines have jumped in and are now experiencing what the Rodina Reset is all about.  It’s looking like a very busy April!

I am so passionate about getting people out of their destructive cycles. 

I totally get how body confidence impacts your whole life. I love seeing people’s commitment to their mental and physical fitness. 

So here is an invitation to all my followers, I sound like the pide piper! I am a 51 year old woman, who has worked in the health and fitness industry now for TWENTY SIX YEARS! I’m proud of this, and I wouldn’t be still doing it without my brilliant clients and the lightbulb moments they get when they discover the power of CONSISTENCY!

So happy birthday to The Rodina Reset and how I’ve proved you can pivot anything with the right mindset!

As with everyone the pandemic was terrifying but I explored my motivation and aside from needing to stay a float financially, I wanted to help people keep momentum while the world around went into chaos - and this is what the Reset still is! An anchor!

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