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I totally understand that if you don’t work with bodies and minds like I do; how this may just pass you by, so I’m not laying on guilt here, just A MASSIVE WAKE UP CALL PLEASE PEOPLE! See, if your child, as s/he is growing is constantly on a tablet/phone they are very likely to have their head…. (which weighs a lot more than you think) in this postion in Pic1. Not only does this elongate growing muscles but will also have a detrimental affect on their skeletal system. Propping up a tablet/phone so that their neck is in a neutrual, straight position is so important. Seen in pic2, plus being on the floor rather than a chair, is great for keeping hips open and flexible. Also, I get how time can run away with us. Our screen time perception is way off the mark… start a timer when they are on screens and limit it to chunks.. Alexa can be good for this, or just a simple alarm on your phone… Try and have a ratio clock in your mind so that computers and IT are a lot less than, playing, outside time, beach time, nature time, board games, books….. CHILDHOOD STAPLES, I’m not shouting. I just find it so sad that parents don’t understand the impact of what screens do to developing brains. Kids who have excessive screen time are 7 times more likely to develop ADD. We are no longer just talking about TV. Kids have access to tablets and phones too. No doubt the last year has also shown kids how much time us adults are guilty of spending looking at the screen, as a necessity for work and also catching up with friends and family. A lot of behaviour issues could be attributed to over stimulus. You will definitely see withdrawal symptoms if you took screen time away from an excess user. In the form of tantrums, restlessness, reaching for other stimulants; sugar, caffeine, alcohol. But for now, just some food for thought, as importantly, unless we want generations (including ourselves) even more stooped over than normal, sort the head positions out. As you were.

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