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These years are fleeting..... When 'old' people said this to me when my older 2 (21&24) were little, I'd think...please, I'm so stressed, so tired, so anxious about how much I need to juggle. To just keep my head above water. I could never sit still, watch a film with them from start to finish without having to get up and get busy and sort and sort and faff and plan and organise. NEVER indulging in me time without being guilt ridden. The time without them was having fake fun and bingeing on making memories that would tide me over when the mediocrity of routine set back in. I was rarely present. At 48 I feel a guilt that I didn't listen to those little voices. Caught on a hamster wheel and not stepping off enough unless my body broke. Then I was less busy. A forced presence. The hilarious thing was I was running on empty constantly distracted on lesson plans on how to teach people to relax!. Oh the irony. So let me be an 'oldie' of 48 and tell you to stop, put your phone away, be strict with work hours, stop chasing your tail, hold them close, listen to them, be with them, don't even talk, or try to fix, just be. These years are fleeting. If we’ve learned anything from the last year, is that time flies by so fast. This last year has taught us that family is precious, and we must find the good in everything we can.

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