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Are you feeling bloated? Are your hormones haywire? Are you looking to drop fat?

Are you feeling bloated? Are your hormones haywire? Are you looking to drop fat?

I was too...

Since June 2020 have eaten predominantly raw food. I had no idea what an impact this would have on my overall health. I’m hooked.

I dropped 1 stone of fat and unlike past fat loss experiences there has been no feeling of depletion. If anything my energy levels rocketed. More interestingly my hormones seem to have regulated massively. No bloating, no PMT and in turn my mood has never been more balanced.

Because of this I decided to take my studies deeply into raw food nutrition as I wanted to know why I feel so amazing and why this differs from past ‘health kicks’

I was already vegetarian, and it didn’t feel too hard to go full on vegan.

What I’m learning makes sense.

I want you to experience this too so I have an option on my Reset programme to complete one month of pure raw food, to reset mind and body. I’m not going to pretend that first month wasn't difficult at times, but what was most interesting were the times I felt hungry. Even though you can consume raw food in abundance, it struck me I wasn’t hungry; I was bored, or emotional, or simply thought I needed to eat crap out of habit. I learned that eating lots of bulking things like bread etc is just a way to feel full - which may equal soothed, or, going even deeper into the psychology of that feeling full made me feel defeated at times. That heavy horrible feeling you can get from gorging on unhealthy foods is also a massive indicator of self sabotage. Lack of self worth etc. It's a horrible rollercoaster to be stuck on. The magic here is that raw food is digested so much quicker and so even if you do eat a massive bowl of salad; that lethargy is short-lived.

So I focused on how to prep rainbow foods and make them as tasty as possible and listened to my emotional state. I’ll be honest this had taken a battering like all of us since March.

The benefits of this way of eating has unquestionably played a massive part in my business soaring this year. My focus is unstoppable because with menopause in my not too far future - the impact of this transformation on my hormones makes me feel like…..

“Bring it on”.

Alongside the carefully structured Rodina Reset classes, I’m also seeing this transformation in my clients.

And this is my mission:

For women to believe they deserve and have their best lives inside and out.

Its happening the Rodina Reset Wolfpack is RISING.

If you want to find out more book in for a free chat.

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