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Healing through yoga: Hurting?

Updated: May 5, 2020


Absolutely exhausting isn’t it? vacillating from one extreme to another.

Absolutely soul destroying too as you find yourself on one side of the see saw or the other, getting that horrible jolting, when someone on the other side is being reckless and you can’t control the bumps. Its also painful. SO painful. You’ll feel it everywhere. Your body will scream stop, and you won’t listen, because you’re not relating the pain to the choice of where exactly you want to sit on the seesaw.

How about slide yourself over the handle, and gently edge yourself tentatively to the centre?.. let the see saw keep moving, but observe how weightless the end you just left is now … there is zero resistance to the bumps. There is nothing to bump against, because you my friend have found the centre, the still point, away from where all that shi* is going on. You can see it. But you’re no longer getting the shi* bumped out of you. Your body is still. Unharmed. Simply by finding that point of least resistance. That point where nothing is bothering you, and your body, wow, your body is fully relaxed, your muscles can melt gently away from the bones and your shoulders can drop, and see your breathing?….. your tummy can finally move. You’ve stepped into the tornado, not like you usually do, getting flung about until you're laid up inactive, ineffective, ill, or manic, reckless and hyper. How about this time; you’ve carried on, striding purposely forward to the centre, where again there is a still point, you’re no longer being thrown around the chaos. Just like the balance point on the see saw. You can find these still points anywhere and everywhere in life. The centre of the turntable, the bubble in the spirit level. It is everywhere and therefore has to be within you too.

This is the yoga I teach, its solves it all.

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